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Uninstalling the DPMS Driver

We have about 1500 seats with LogMeIn Pro, managed by LogMeIn Central.


While most computers were correctly enforcing screen blanking without it, we decided to double down on screen blanking enforcement by installing the DPMS driver on all hosts.


After installing this, any laptop computer running LMI Host was no longer able to control their screen brightness. Windows 10's night light also stopped working on laptops and desktops.


However, the most worrisome issue was when we started getting reports about computers where screen blanking, having previously been working without it, suddenly stopped working after DPMS was installed!


Rather than troubleshoot the fleet of different models we have, we looked for a way to uninstall the DPMS driver without reinstalling LMI itself.

LogMeIn provides no option for this; their LogMeIn.exe install/configure command switches include install/uninstall of the LMI Mirror Driver, but only a switch to install the DPMS driver and not to uninstall it.


After much digging, I have come across a PowerShell command that rids the system of the RADPMS driver and associated driver service:


Get-CimInstance Win32_SystemDriver -Filter "name='radpms'" | Invoke-CimMethod -MethodName Delete -Verbose

If you need to remove the DPMS driver but keep LMI installed, give this a shot, reboot the machine, and see if it helps.