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logmein pro webapp and browser compatibility



according to that every browser should be compatible :

Well yes and no.

Maybe on windows they are all compatible but I've tried brave and firefox on fedora 33 and 34 and this is not compatible. You see the image for sure, but to actually react with the environment like right click or enter a text you need help from the toolbar or from someone on the computer itself(in the case of right clicking.


So it would be nice that you put in place i nyour lab an exhaustive environment test bench to actually try also on linux(which a lot of dev and IT are using because more stable than everything else) and see which browser are able to handle your remote control webapp and maybe put some guidelines to configure the browser properly if it needs webrtc or things like that.  

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Re: logmein pro webapp and browser compatibility

@boistordu  I apologize for any confusion there.  We don't officially support Linux clients, as referenced in the below document.  I have seen Chrome and the new Explorer (same technology) work on this system though, when accessing hosts through the browser itself.

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