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Admin AD Sync is Here!

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What Went Live?


Today the Rescue Team is excited to announce the release of Admin Active Directory (AD) Sync for Rescue. This update expands the usefulness of the AD sync process by allowing customers to create Admins and Master Admins in addition to Technicians – eliminating the need to manually create these user types in Rescue.


The AD sync tool allows customers to automatically create users within the Rescue Admin Center, and maintain a single repository of users within their on-prem or Azure hosted Active Directory instance.  Before we released the original AD sync tool, this meant our customers had to manage their Rescue users completely separately from Active Directory – essentially doubling their user management overhead. With the initial release, we solved the problem of managing the majority of the users that exist within a Rescue account by allowing the sync of Technicians. This still meant that for the Admin and Master Admin users, our customers had to manually create and update them in the Admin Center.


With this release, we have now completely rounded out the solution and ensured customers no longer have to worry about duplicated user management when working with Active Directory and  Rescue.



Highlights and Details


Once the AD Sync application is downloaded from the Admin Center, users can connect it to their Active Directory by entering credentials and then filtering user groups. We have recently increased the limit from 100 groups and 100 users to 200 groups and 200 users in order to support customers with larger group structures (the Microsoft default is 100)


On the group selection screen users now have the ability to select Admin/Master Admin Groups when filtering for the groups they would like to import/sync users to within Rescue. They can also select Admin root or Master Admin root if they would instead like to create a user without placing them within a Rescue administrator group.


The sync can also assign an Administrator to a Technician group as follows:


  • An Admin is created as part of the sync, or was previously created in the Admin Center
  • When performing the next sync, the same user can be selected and synced to a Technician Group or groups, instead of an Admin Group
  • The Admin user will then be assigned to the Technician Group(s) and can perform any related administrative functions for that group when logging in to the Admin Center






Although we are announcing the release of the Admin AD sync today, I also wanted to highlight multiple incremental improvements we have made to the AD sync experience recently.    Other improvements include:

  • A mobile license can now be assigned as part of the sync process
  • The AD User Principal Name (UPN) can now be synched to the Rescue SSOID field
  • The AD User Principal Name (UPN) can be used instead of the users AD email address
  • The users email address can now be synched as a single sign-on ID in Rescue
  • Added the ability for users to run the application as a windows terminal application
  • Added the ability for users to adjust the interval that the sync occurs


Support Documentation:   How to Synchronize a Rescue Technician Group with Azure Active Directory User Groups 

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