Azure AD Sync for Rescue is Available on Beta! New Features / Fixes as of March 28, 2022!

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Azure AD Sync for Rescue is Available on Beta! New Features / Fixes as of March 28, 2022!

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Note:  As this is a beta version, please do not use this version on your production users without fully testing.  It is recommended to create a Test Group with Test Users in your Azure Active Directory for Beta Testing.    As this is a Beta version, some bugs may be present - please use the Comment thread for any feedback.  Download the attached .pdf document and use as a guide to set up. 


Rescue presents an Active Directory Sync with the following benefits: 

  • Only a single User repository needs to be maintained in Azure 
  • Ability to sync multiple AD Groups with multiple Rescue Technician Groups 
  • If Technicians already exist in Rescue, the Technician will not be imported during the initial sync, which uses the email address as the identifier, however, next time the sync is run - if there are changes to be applied to existing Technician, those will be actioned. 
    • Example:  Delete a User in Active Directory = Technician is now Disabled in Rescue

A new version has been released as of March 28, 2022 to include multiple features and fixes! 

  • Fixed user counting in group selection page
  • Add new search capability/functionality
  • Improved login speed to Azure
  • Improved search speed
  • Synchronization period is 45 minutes instead of 5 minutes
  • Added new "Terminate Service" functionality.
  • Added new SSO functionality.
  • New UserPrincipalName feature was added to Azure ADSync
  • New Non-Service mode was added.
  • UI improvements
  • Deeper synchronization logging
  • AdSync command line tool was added.



Note:   Beta is not available for customers that have their Rescue environment on the EU servers.   The feature will be available for EU once the feature is live.  


Please leave feedback and comments in the section below!

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