Azure Active Directory (AD) Sync is Live!!

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Azure Active Directory (AD) Sync is Live!!

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Highlights and Details 

Within the existing on-prem AD sync application we have now added support for cloud-based Microsoft Azure AD.   Once a Master Admin downloads the application from the Global Settings tab of the Admin Center,  they are presented with a new splash screen where they can select the version of Microsoft AD they wish to sync. Users can sync groups on a 1:1 basis and the application can be run multiple times to sync multiple Azure groups to Rescue


Application features

  • Dry Run Mode: Admins can preview the changes that the sync will make to their Rescue account before committing to synching users
  • SSO ID Sync: It is possible to sync the Azure email address with the SSO ID field of the Technician in the Rescue Admin Center
  • Non-service mode: The application can be run as a service or non-service depending on the privileges of the user running the sync
  • Use Principal Name: Admins can elect to use the “principal name” field in Azure in place of the email address in Rescue
  • Command Line Application: The installer now includes a command line tool for admins to start the sync via command prompt

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User Synch Behavior  -   Azure AD sync will operate in the same way the on-prem sync functions as follows:

  • Deleting Users: Technicians are never deleted from the Rescue Admin Center when using the Active Directory synchronization service. When a user is deleted or moved in Active Directory, the corresponding Rescue Technician is disabled.
  • Moving Users: If a Technician is moved to another Rescue Technician Group, subsequent synchronization will only update the user's status, but will not move the user back to its initial synchronization group.
  • Mobile License: If a user is disabled, deleted, or moved in Azure Active Directory, the technician's mobile license is freed up, and becomes available for other members of the Rescue organization.



Support Article -  How to Synchronize a Rescue Technician Group with Azure Active Directory User Groups

Setup Guide  -  available for download below - please note screenshots may be blurry due to file compression 

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