Disruption Free Unattended has Arrived!

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Disruption Free Unattended has Arrived!

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What Went Live?


Today the Rescue team is excited to announce the release of Disruption Free Unattended Access.


Unattended Access is a powerful feature that allows Technicians to support a device without an end user being present. As a result, there are multiple security and compliance safeguards built in to prevent misuse – such as persistent notifications during and after the session that make it clear to the end-user that their device is being/was accessed, and the action of locking the device after the session ends to prevent unauthorized use from anyone physically near the machine.


While these features are important, the ever-changing support landscape has brought new devices and use cases where these security features impede the support experience. To accommodate this, we designed a new version of Unattended Access that allows Users to provide better support for devices that are being used as signage displays, dashboards, kiosks, or any other use case where the display of the device is performing some other crucial function. In these scenarios, customers want to be able to provide support without interrupting the display of the device during, or after the support session ends. They also do not need the display of the device to be locked after the session ends.


For internal use cases the ability for the end user to revoke Unattended Access can also be disruptive, as admins then must deploy the Unattended Access installer all over again. The new version can also prevent end users from revoking Unattended Access from the desktop once it has been setup.


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Highlights and Details


How can I enable Disruption Free capability on my account?

  • To prevent the misuse of this capability, the feature must be enabled on the backend. To make this request, please reach out to one of the following:
  • Your request will be evaluated by our team and we reserve the right to deny requests that do not meet our risk assessment.

I’m using a Rescue Free Trial; can I take advantage of Disruption Free Unattended Access?

  • Due to the potential for misuse of this feature, please contact your Sales Representative or Support.

Is Disruption Free available on Windows & Mac?

  • Currently Disruption Free Unattended is available for Windows devices only.

Can Disruption Free Unattended Access be setup when deploying Unattended Access via the Technician Console?

  • At this time Disruption Free Unattended Access can only be setup via the Access Wizard or Access Dashboard found on the My Account page

Will I need to redeploy Unattended Access to use Disruption Free capability?

  • Yes – the existing Unattended Access service must be removed so that the updated or new installer, with Disruption Free capability, can be deployed.  
  • Either a new installer can be generated, or an existing installer can be edited, to add the capability via the My Account page:
    • Generate a new installer via the Access Wizard
    • Edit an existing installer in the Access Dashboard
      • Select an existing installer, click the pencil icon.

pic 3.png


What options are available with Disruption Free Unattended Access and how do customers set it up?

  • Admins will see three new options when generating a new installer or editing an existing installer:

pic 4.png



  1. Disable screen locking: Prevents the Unattended Access process from locking the device after the unattended session ends.
  2. Disable revoking access: Removes the option to revoke Unattended Access from the system tray and Unattended Access menu.
  3. Disable prompts: Hides the in-session and post-session prompts.
  • Admins can select any combination of the above options and then finish configuring the installer as normal (note the known issue below – on the summary screen the disruption free options are not currently shown). Admins then need to deploy the newly created/edited installer.

If the revoking option is removed, how can customers uninstall Unattended Access, if needed?

  • Unattended Access can be removed via Windows “add/remove programs” and will be listed as “LogMeIn Rescue Unattended”.  Unattended Access can also be removed via the command prompt.



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