Introducing the new Rescue Technician Console - 7.50 Beta!

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Introducing the new Rescue Technician Console - 7.50 Beta!

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Features and Fixes 

  • Users will experience faster connection times when initiating sessions and improved streaming quality once connected to the remote desktop.  
  • Mouse inputs and movements will be virtually lag-free due to lower latency and higher frame rates.
  • The improvement in color reproduction makes technician feel like they are physically at the remote machine.  
  • MKV/VP8 screen recordings now supported for all session types  
  • Hotkeys added to many dialogs 
  • Fixed applet custom logo position for left to right languages 
  • Mac Calling card deployment from the Technician Console is now possible within an active session  
  • Stability fixes on Top 100 crashes 
  • Option to store session recording in cloud 


To try the new 7.50 Beta:   

  • Users can download the newest Tech Console here  
  • For the best experience using the new Tech Console, please enable the following domains within your network:  
    • *  
    • *  


To see which version of the Technician Console is currently installed, Users can click on Options > About LogMeIn Rescue  


about LMI.PNG



Please Note!  

  • Beta is not supported in the EU environment but will be supported once 7.50 is released to Live.  
  • A new version of Mac Tech Console will be released later in Q2 – stay tuned for updates! 
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