Live (GA) Release - Calling Card and Remote Support for Linux Ubuntu!

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Live (GA) Release - Calling Card and Remote Support for Linux Ubuntu!

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The Rescue Team is pleased to announce that Linux support is now available for all  Rescue users on the Live environment!


This year one of the core tenants of the Rescue roadmap is to expand Rescue’s reach to more device types and support scenarios, and Linux represents the first of these new offerings.  In a post Covid world, Rescue customers demanded support for additional operating systems and platforms – Linux being chief among them.


There are multiple reasons for this surge in Linux adoption. Modern versions of Linux, like Ubuntu, offer a graphical user interface that is extremely similar to macOS and Windows, it requires very little hardware resources to run, is easy to lock down and control, and provides a simple platform for users who only need to access lightweight web applications. As a result, we are seeing many more companies offering Linux devices to their employees. Ubuntu is not the only Linux version that Rescue will ultimately support, as versions like Redhat and Debian are still prevalent on servers and other devices around the world.


Which distribution and version of Linux is supported ?

Ubuntu LTS version 22.0.4


What makes our solution for Linux stand out?

We are proud to say that our remote control solution does not require root access. In addition our solution supports the latest Linux display technology – Wayland.


Which features can be used during a support session on Ubuntu?

  • Customers can use the following features in a support session:
  • Desktop Viewing
  • Remote Control (keyboard, mouse)
  • Chat
  • File Transfer & File Manager
  • Hold session
  • Transfer session
  • Screen adjustments
  • Magnifier
  • Screen capture (screenshot)
  • Screen recording
  • Revoke permissions from the customer side
  • Post session customer survey
  • Reporting – Linux sessions will show in the session report
  • Unicode keyboard character injection for X11 display server
  • Calling Card access via PIN


Take advantage of Linux Remote Support!


Ad-hoc session:

  1. Rescue Users can generate a pin code from their existing Technician Console
  2. On the Ubuntu device, navigate to in the browser.
  3. Enter the pin code and click start download.
  4. A zip file named will be downloaded.
  5. Extract the zip file and run Rescue
  6. The Rescue applet will start as normal.

See a gif of the download process here   


Calling Card:

  1. Rescue Administrators should sign into the Rescue Admin Center
  2. Select a channel in the left hand account tree, and click the Organization tab in the top menu
  3. Enter a name in the “Installer name” field – e.g. Linux Calling Card
  4. Check the Ubuntu checkbox.
  5. Click generate.
  6. A Linux Calling Card installer will be downloaded as a DEB file.
  7. Customers can then install this on any device running Ubuntu 22.0.4 or higher.

Note: Admin privileges are required for installation

Note: Channels will be added in a future release - the Linux Calling Card only accepts pin codes at this time


community calling card.png



What’s Next?

There will be rolling releases throughout the remainder of 2023 that will add the following features to Linux support in Rescue:

  • Remote control for other distributions of Linux – Debian, Red Hat, as well as other versions of Ubuntu
  • Unattended Access
  • Calling Card – channel support
  • Calling Card deployment during an active session
  • Unicode keyboard character injection for Wayland display server
  • Reboot and Reconnect
  • Restart applet with administrator’s privileges
  • Screen lock
  • Display detailed system info.
  • Invite Technician
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