New Rescue Feature – Live Translation powered by Google!

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New Rescue Feature – Live Translation powered by Google!

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What Went Live?


The Rescue team is proud to announce the release of Live Translation (powered by Google). This feature allows Technicians to chat to end users in any language and have their responses translated into the end-users native language in real time.  For example – an English speaking Technician can receive a chat from an end-user in Spanish, see the text translated to English, respond in English, and the end user will see the text in Spanish – all in real time!


As more companies are looking to streamline costs in the wake of the current economic climate, consolidating high cost multi-lingual support centers is increasingly becoming the norm. Businesses face the challenge of needing to support customers in multiple languages across the globe, and now Technicians who speak one language are easily able to communicate with users around the world in any language supported by the Google service.


Highlights, Details, and Important Requirements


Tech Console:


To access translation, customers must be on Tech Console version 7.50.3565 or higher - which is currently available via the “next” link.  In the next 2 weeks we will be pushing this to the default version for all customers.


Please note:   At this time the translation feature is available for the Windows Technician Console only

Please note:  Technician language is currently pinned to English – this will be changed in an upcoming release

Allow Listing:


Customers who allow list by IP must also add additional IP ranges to their firewall configurations as outlined in the updated Chat Translation section of our allow listing documentation for global and EU customers. No action is necessary for customers who allow-list by domain, as the additional IP ranges are covered in the standard logmeinrescue domains.


Enabling translation:


The translation feature can be enabled at the Technician Group level via Tech Group settings in the Admin Center:


Enable translation AC.png


Once enabled in the Admin Center, Technicians will be able to access Chat Translation while in an active session by clicking the translation bar.


Translation bar.png


Here Technicians can enable translation by checking the checkbox, and can then select the language of the end user if known (for example if their Technician Group is setup to only support customers in a certain language) or they can select “auto detect” which will automatically detect the language entered into the applet and translate accordingly. The Technician language is currently locked to English only, but in a fast follow release the Technician will also be able to select any language they choose.


translate dialog.png


When the feature is activated, the ⮂ icon is shown between two language codes. The language on the left stands for the target language (i.e., the customer's), while the right one is the technician's language.  When the technician sends a message to the customer, it automatically gets translated to the target language and is displayed in the chat log in the following format:

Message in the Technician’s language. <Message in the translated language.>


Only the translated message is displayed on the customer's side. When they reply to the technician, the Technician Console translates the message before displaying it in the chat log in the technician's language.


Translation demo1.png


What’s Next?


  • We will continue to evaluate usage of the “free” translation provided by GoTo to determine any necessary rate limits or changes in the future
  • A new Mac TC will be released with translation included
  • The Technician will be able to select a language other than English in an upcoming release
  • Customers who already have paid Google accounts and custom language models can connect these accounts to the Rescue service by contacting the support team who can escalate the request to development
  • In a future release we will update the Admin Center to allow customers to self-serve and connect their own paid Google accounts to Rescue without needing to contact support


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