Rescue's Admin Center got a new Facelift!

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Rescue's Admin Center got a new Facelift!

GoTo Contributor

We proudly present the brand-new look of the Rescue Admin Center containing the full feature set of the old version. The old design remains available in the BETA environment for a short transition period. Remember that as Internet Explorer was officially retired, the new version is not compatible with it. 


After processing a great volume of customer feedback, we came to the conclusion that the current design of Rescue must be revised from an aesthetic perspective as well as a usability standpoint, too.


What is new?


  • A new, modern look and feel whilst keeping the essence of the old  Admin Center
  • Brand new icon set
  • Redesigned, more harmonic layouts
  • New spacing and heading to improve UI transparency


Please note:  The recommended setting/scale is 125% and 1080p. 


Please share any feedback below! 

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‎03-31-2023 10:29 AM
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