Rescue vPro with KVM has been added to the "Out-of-Band" support options!

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Rescue vPro with KVM has been added to the "Out-of-Band" support options!

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We are the first vendor to have this kind of integration as a result of our partnership with Intel.  Rescue is now featured on the Intel Partnership Showcase website! 


What is vPro? 

Regular remote support tools connect to the operating system, but by connecting to the hardware at a deeper level, support agents can resolve issues for devices that would otherwise be unreachable – such as not being powered on, or no functioning operating system is running. This is referred to as “out-of-band” support as it occurs outside of the operating system and outside normal operating conditions.

With the ability to connect to vPro devices, agents can perform actions like waking the device up, connect directly to the BIOS to perform configuration updates, resolve “blue screen of death” errors, troubleshoot BitLocker security key issues, or resolve other issues outside of the operating system – unlocking massive capabilities to remotely solve issues for devices that would normally have to be shipped back to a service desk!



Previously the integration relied on an embedded view of Intel’s EMA application within the Technician Console: 




While this allowed us to market the first of its kind integration with Intel, our customers wanted a tighter integration, with the UI that is familiar and important functions available without needing to use the EMA application.

We partnered with Intel who gave us access to a brand new API that allowed us to integrate out-of-band KVM functions within the TC - removing the need for the EMA application!

Customers can now access these functions inside the Technician Console:





  • Technicians will need "Next" TC v7.51.3808 or later
  • End-users must operate Intel EMA server v. or later
  • The vPro and KVM features need to be enabled in the Rescue Admin Center technician group permissions


Documentation:   Getting started with Intel vPro

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