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New Contributor

Bulk Move Computers between Groups



A while ago i bulk moved some computers from the default group to another group.

I cant remember how i did it and cant find any Documentation.


Does anyone know how to Bulk move computers between groups by selecting multiple devices within the computer tab like you can with user groups.




New Contributor

Re: Bulk Move Computers between Groups

I've spoken to support and it appears its not possible to move multiple computers by selecting them and moving you have to do it by editing the Group which is all but useless.


Thanks for anyone who read the message but looks like its not possible.




Active Contributor

Re: Bulk Move Computers between Groups

I second this.


An easy way to bulk-move computers between groups would make my and my co-workers' lives so much easier.

GoTo Manager

Re: Bulk Move Computers between Groups

@barceneaux Thanks for suggesting this as an Idea. Anyone wanting to see this implemented should vote for it by giving the Idea a Kudo: Bulk Move Computers Between Groups


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