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GoTo App, Remember my Meeting ID

I attend a group therapy every week.  I just use the free GoTo client to join the meeting.


My current process is to open my calendar, and click on the GoTo meeting hyperlink, which launches my web browser, which takes me to a staging page, which asks me to click "Join Meeting", which launches GoTo Opener (passing meeting info as a URL of some kind, perhaps like a command line argument?), which launches the GoTo app (also passing meeting info somehow, perhaps also like a command line argument?), which opens and joins the meeting.  It's got more stages than launching a SpaceX rocket!


Jumping through all those launch procedures, when the app or a command line parameter could just remember the info I need is just annoying.  My computer is older, and navigating all of that is actually quite slow to load all the overhead of a web browser and multiple web pages to go back to an app that loads its own chromium based web browser anyway.  Yah in the GoTo app if you hit Ctrl+Shift+I (found under the View menu), it opens the same debugger console that all chromium based web browsers are able to show (Same as hitting F12 in Google Chrome).  If you've seen it, you know exactly what it is.


I apologize for the long preamble, but you could think of this post as a feature request or a support request. 


As a support request:  It's clear that the GoTo app is already capable of receiving a parameter to launch a meeting when it starts or the Opener App wouldn't be able to do it.  So how can I short cut that process and just open my GoTo meeting with the same parameter that the opener would send?  I would literally just make a desktop shortcut that sends the parameter so I could double click into the meeting from the desktop.


As a feature request:  Could you please just remember one or more meeting IDs somewhere in the app, so I don't have to store it somewhere else?  Yah it's way faster for me to just "store" my meeting ID handwritten on my whiteboard and manually type it each week in the GoTo app, than to go through the online launch procedure.


Any thoughts or options anyone has found on this would be helpful.

GoTo Moderator

Re: GoTo App, Remember my Meeting ID

Hi @Jroonk welcome to the GoTo Community.


What you can do, is sync your calendar with the GoTo app by enabling the Calendar Integration in the app settings. Check out this article for all the information.  

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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