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New Member

Icons too large

The go to meeting interface is terrible, the icons at the lower part of the screen are overly large, so when you have something to show in the center, an excel file, a power point, etc,   they take away valuable space.  Those icons should be smaller and transparent like google meet.  Which I rather use, than the go to meeting app.  Anything else is better microsoft meet,  zoom, etc. 


on another note, the audio quality of the gotoconnect app, is horrible, it needs a much stronger signal than facetime or whatsapp,   why can';t this be fix,  are you really trying!.  if I dont have 5 bars of wi fi,  then it is pretty bad.   Do something!!!  




GoTo Manager

Re: Icons too large

HI @agustin440

Thanks for the feedback here.  We will share these comments with the team. 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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