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New App = Poor Video Quality + High Bandwidth + Increased Latency

If anyone at GoTo is listening, the new apps performance is extremely poor compared to the old app, when it comes to video quality, bandwidth, and performance.  The old "Orange Flower" icon of GoToMeeting handled 20+ concurrent video callers with much better video quality and significanty lower bandwidth, plus latency.


It seems meetings now default to the web app, when previously they defaulted to the old "Orange Flower" desktop app.  Are there any settings (reg keys, Group Policy Objects / GPOs, etc.) a system adminsitrator can implement to force workstations to use the old desktop app, and launch all meetings in the old app?


The new client (which appears to just be an frame with the web app running inside) simply isn't ready for prime-time.


Re: New App = Poor Video Quality + High Bandwidth + Increased Latency

We don't use GT Meeting very much anymore but experiencing the same thing in GoToTraining - choppy video, much bandwidth hog and latency. The video is a huge issue for our deaf interpreters.