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New GoTo app tool bar and chat box issues

I've been with Go To Meeting for many years, and unfortunately the new GoTo app has some issues that are making it unusable.


Issue #1: The tool bar at the top of the screen is too large and cannot be minimized or made vertical. This tool bar covers the screen too much and makes it hard for me to teach.


Issue #2: The old app had a much easier chat window to use. With the new app, I have to continuously open the chat window to see new messages and then close it again because it covers a large portion of the screen.


Issue #3: I always have attendees switch their chat messages to Organizers Only so that they can't see each others messages/answers. With this new app, I have to click on the "private" messages in order to see them. This is an extra step that takes away time from my presentation.


If anyone knows how to fix these problems, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know!

Otherwise, I'll have to switch to a different provider.


Thank you!

GoTo Manager

Re: New GoTo app tool bar and chat box issues

Hi @GoToAppUser, welcome to the community.


It sounds like you are working with a single screen which can be challenging when presenting. The quickest solution I can suggest is attaching a second monitor so you can move the Chat and Webcam windows off the screen you are sharing. 

We plan to add the option to pin the toolbar vertically on the side of the screen in a future update to  the Flexible Layout


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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