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new GoTo app, drawing tools are missing??

Where are the drawing tools in the new GoTo app for windows? (GoTo 0.300.2 3.31.0). 

I find the following completely unacceptable:

  • new features appearing without notice: example the hand raise/emojis, change to settings screen etc..
  • old features disappearing - example: drawing tools
  • zero communication to paying customers about any of this, only mention I have seen was about "rebranding" to GoTo with little details.
  • allowing multiple apps to operate with different feature sets (old orange flower GTM vs. new GoTo and even desktop app vs. web app with changes like the inability to zoom on shared screen content in the web version)

it all leads to major confusion for your paying customers and attendees, it needs to be resolved quickly.



GoTo Moderator

Re: new GoTo app, drawing tools are missing??

Welcome to the Community @ToPep thanks for checking us out and for your feedback on the new GoTo app.
The GoTo meeting App has been available since March 2022, in early access so GoTo Meeting customers could have the opportunity to try it out and give us feedback. We kept GoTo Meeting classic available so you could switch back. For all things about GoTo Meeting in the GoTo App, please check out this user guide for a extensive look at all the features. How to use GoTo Meeting drawing tools, which are still available, can be found there. Let me know if you have any questions. 
If you have more feedback around uses and features, please let us know. As new features are added to the GoTo App experience, there will be in product announcements. 
Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Hand Raising

What happened to the drawing tools? We gained some features, but seemed to lose more than we gained.

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Re: new GoTo app, drawing tools are missing??

hmm thank you for that link, I don't see that button for drawing tools at all... but I will at least have something to investigate now and maybe figure out. Appreciate it!