Wallboard no login required

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Wallboard no login required

Wallboard no login required

Wallboards should not require a logged in user, that way they can be put up on TV's using a kiosk terminal.


This would also give the ability to share the wallboards with other staff who may need this information.


This could be a toggleable setting so that if the information was sensitive you could leave it behind a login and if not then a obscure link that would work even without being logged in. 

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If no login is required then it'd be open to the public internet. Please don't do that. I created a similar idea regarding Wallboard Privacy Settings to allow view access to non-supervisor agents.

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I need the ability for it not to be authenticated for an actual wallboard on a TV that I do not need locking every so often. I think obscure URL's are good enough for what little data would be available on the type of wall board I would be using. Maybe have 3 options the 2 you suggest and a third being public. I also have executives that would like to see this and they will not be agents or supervisors and just need a link I can send them. 

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