Groups - Sorting enhancement

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Groups - Sorting enhancement

Groups - Sorting enhancement

The list of Groups seems to sort in a random order (possibly) order of creation.  We can sort the list manually into alphabetical order, but it doesn't keep this setting and we have to keep re-sorting.  An option to either set the default sort order or to save the selected sort order would be very helpful.

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Active Contributor

Agreed, please add this as a future enhancement

Active Contributor

The list is not sorted alphabetically. and changes from one usage to the next. At a minimum it should sort consistently. This is true of the entire group list as well as individual items  within the same group. 

New Contributor

I agree, from what I can tell, is that the sort is sorting the SHARED groups first, then your personal groups next, this is not ideal, at least not in my experience, as I use items in my personal group way more than I used the ones in SHARED Groups.