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Helpdesk Ticket List View - dates/times

Helpdesk Ticket List View - dates/times

Helpdesk Ticket List View does not have creation dates/times, which makes it hard to browse for specific dates/times to see what tickets came in then.  For example, if I want to know what my employees were doing around midnight two days ago, I can only see the most recent 10 tickets in the default bubble view, which shows the date/time in the corner of each bubble - so I switch to List View for Closed Tickets to go back further but now I cannot see any dates/times.  Yes, I can use the Filter to set a date range for the list, but the resulting list still doesn't have each ticket labeled with the date/time (unless you click each ticket one at a time to open and go in and look).  Thanks!

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Hi @Jeff_ ,


We are actively working on this and plan to release it within a month. We plan on adding the following columns soon:


- Created

- Last updated time

- Updated by 

- Requester's email

- Helpdesk service


I'd be happy to hear if you have other suggestions to how the ticket list or other parts of the Helpdesk can be improved.