Helpdesk - Ticket Watchlist for Customers and Technicians

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Helpdesk - Ticket Watchlist for Customers and Technicians

Helpdesk - Ticket Watchlist for Customers and Technicians



In GoToAssist it is possible to add other customers and users / technicians to one helpdesk job.


When a customer CC's in other customers to a helpdesk request via e-mail the other customers are added to the ticket so they get updated with progress or can add more information.


Other helpdesk users can also be added so they are aware of what is happening too.


At the moment we have multiple helpdesk tickets for the same issues and we are unable to update everyone concerned at the same time.


Can we please have this feature put into GoToResolve?

GoTo Contributor
Status changed to: Accepted



Thank you for your feedback.


This feature is not on the roadmap for the upcoming months, but it is something we would like to add to the helpdesk soon.









Active Contributor

Thank you for the update.


If you also want it added to the helpdesk then can you please push for it to be added to the roadmap for say, June?


The customer and user experience would be greatly enhanced by having this feature as at the moment we have two helpdesk systems: GotoResolve and EMail.