Keep sorting format on HelpDesk

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Keep sorting format on HelpDesk

Keep sorting format on HelpDesk

Would like a way to be able to keep a view in Helpdesk.  Would be a nice feature to be able to come out of editing a ticket and not have to switch back to 100 per page and sort by "Assigned To" ever time.  

GoTo Contributor


Thank you for sharing this with us. The pagination and the filter settings should be retained when returning to the ticket list view. 

We have reproduced the issue that the pagination setting is not remembered, but the filtering (e.g. Assigned to) is retained.


If you have the time, I will reach out to you to investigate the case.


Active Contributor



I have tested this on my end in Chrome/Brave/Firefox and pagination and sorting by a column do not stay.  I have also tried this in the Desktop App and am getting the same results that nothing stays.  Is this a preference setting per user that I'm missing?