Make Filters Persistent

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Make Filters Persistent

Make Filters Persistent

I constantly have to keep changing filters on the Helpdesk to filter out closed and resolved tickets.


By default you should only be looking at tickets that are currently open.  I have no clue why this system defaults to all tickets.


Please at least make filters persistent/sticky, so that once I have filtered the dashboard the way I want to view it, it stays that way.  Constantly have to reapply filters throughout the day so that closed and resolved tickets are not cluttering up the view of current tickets we're trying to work on is a must!

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GoTo Contributor
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @Will_BEC1 ,


Thank you for sharing your feedback. We aim to create a seamless and productive user experience, and it sounds like we have an opportunity to improve in this area.


We plan on implementing saved filters in the Helpdesk in Q2.