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Refresh Device List

Refresh Device List

With GoToAssist there was an option to refresh the list to update the connection status of the devices, this is lacking on GoToResolve.


We have had situations where support staff are waiting for a machine to become available as the status shows as 'In Session' when the session had actually ended almost an hour earlier.


Can we have a Refresh option back in the software please?

GoTo Contributor
Status changed to: Investigating


GTRe device list is auto-refreshed. We are experiencing sync issues and fix is on the way.

Besides that we are considering a sync button if we still experience auto-refresh issues.

Thanks for your understanding.


Active Contributor

A sync button would be more bennifical I believe as auto refresh does not always refresh when wee need it to or if there is a glith preventing it from auto refreshing. It would be nice to have teh instant control of refresh.


Thank you,

New Member

Yes, not having a viable method for refreshing the connection is a real show stopper. Has there been any progress with regard to this important issue?