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Refresh on tickets

Refresh on tickets

On Helpdesk, if we can't get an auto refresh, is it possible to have a refresh button added so we don't have to navigate from Helpdesk to another area like Support and then back again to get it to refresh the ticket list?

GoTo Contributor



Currently, when changes were made to the tickets a window floats in from the top middle to inform you that the tickets were updated. You can click the refresh button on the message or refresh the page to see the changes.


We are currently looking into how to improve the refreshing.

Active Contributor

Thanks, Gyula:


I do see the floating window and the refresh, but don't always see it in time and have to navigate away and back in.  I know you're working on it.  Keep up the great work.

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Indeed, the floating thing is nice, but it goes away after a time if your not on the screen. An automatic refresh would be great, or if we can set the dashboard screen to refresh in a specific interval 

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I would like an automatic refresh when data was updated, but if not then at least a refresh that is set to a certain interval.