Remote Execution Asset Selection Import

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Remote Execution Asset Selection Import

Remote Execution Asset Selection Import

When performing a Remote Execution job, it would be great if there was a way to select devices by a list of required devices, rather than one at a time. Whether it be via txt or csv.  We frequently use GTR to perform patch management on systems. We populate the list of machines requiring sepecific updates from another 3rd party solution. Then we create the required Job in Remote Execution. Then one by one, we have to select the assets requring the patch. Sometimes there are hundreds of systems. Adding them one at a time is extremely time consuming.  

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We need this feature to really leverage the remote execution to perform security updates to a large number of unattended computers in one job.

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Hey @thurberma,


thank you for your feedback which helps us to improve GoTo Resolve. 


Regarding the import list feature you described: Would you mind elaborating on your use case a little more? Specifically, I would like to know which updates you are referring to (OS updates, application updates, or something else). I would also be interested to learn by which means (tool or software) you usually prepare and maintain this list that you would like to import into the Remote Execution module. 


Warm regards,


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We have other systems that scan for vulnerabilities for Windows, MacOS, and 3rd party apps.  We have found the GoToResolve remote terminal and remote execution our best way to test and implement the required changes, uninstall or patch applications.  Some of the vulnerabilities have hundreds of endpoints that need to be patched.  If we could upload a .csv of the computer names into the remote execution job, it would save us a lot of time.


The majority of remote execution jobs are done through PowerShell scripts so we can log the events for success or failure.  They include registry changes, file transfers, invoking commands such as MSIEXE.exe to install, update, or uninstall apps.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

   Yes, These are for both Operating System and 3rd party software patching and updates. Early on, I had requested to be put on a Beta trial for the GTR Windows Update feature capability, but was never contacted by anyone. I am still curious to see how that feature works, and if it is something that we could benefit from. Is that something that we could possible Demo?


As to where the reports come from, we use LanSweeper (, for a lot of our reporting. The product is agent or agentless based, and uses WMI scanning against Windows systems. It also offers MacOS scanning as well.  We also use our A/V provider to identify any vulnerabilities present on our endpoints. Each service offers .csv or .xlsx exporting. The goal of the request, would be to use that list, and import into GTR, as a means to select all the assets requiring a specific update or patch.


 Once the systems requiring the update|patch are identified, we create specific Remote Execution packages within GTR, to remediate. Sometimes we need to target many systems. This is where the list import feature would come into play.


Please let me know if you need any further information.




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Hi Mark,


Thanks for the details. 

We will ping you in direct message to get your contact info and keep demo plus a discussion about RMM needs.