The ability to change the ticketing email address

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The ability to change the ticketing email address

The ability to change the ticketing email address

Hi there, 


Is it possible to change the default email for helpdesk tickets. I am using but would like to change the email address to work automatically with our company domain hosted on google. 


Regards. Matt 

GoTo Moderator

Currently we do not have that option, but if you can DM your email address then we can attempt it from backend. We may need to verify though that you own the email address and its valid. 

New Member

Sorry to jump on, but is this going to be added in the near future? We have a dedicated O365 email that our users use for email and I'd love to be able to set that up 

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We are looking into how to best accommodate this request, but it will not come in the near future.


Until then, we would be glad to change the address for you if you wish to change it. Please reach out to me at with the address you would like to use and we will change it for you.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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This would be a great feature.


We have a dedicated support address for our clients on our Gmail Workspace domain. This currently redirects to our Freshdesk account .


The other issue I can see is that we can't modify the requested by field to add a client email address, again a feature that we would love to see implemented.



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Hi NoosaHoff,


We have the e-mail on our roadmap for this year for early Q2 at the moment.


We are also working on a feature to add new end-users from the ticket editor in the requested by field, which is planned for Q1. 

Active Contributor

Thanks for the reply.

Is there any way to get the email address from a hosted domain working now? Am keen to move on from Freshdesk, and bundle everything together.
We are a GTC partner so happy to beta test things!