"GoToResolve" - RDP Compatibility

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"GoToResolve" - RDP Compatibility

"GoToResolve" - RDP Compatibility

"GoToResolve" and RDP cannot access Computer at the same time.
Lots of times we need to collaborate with the Customer and be able to see the same as the Customer.
Incompatibility with the RDP significantly reduces our support capabilities.

GoTo Contributor

Hi @m3700,
Can we contact you to learn more about the use case?
We do support RDP connections, so I'd like to learn more about why it does not work for you.

Thanks in advance,


Active Contributor

Hello Robi,

Will be happy to help.
Could you kindly provide an E-Mail address for response.

Best Regards,


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Dear  lavergne654,

Thank you for mentioning different platforms.

The problem is that the same Computer cannot be accessed simultaneously with GoToResolve and RDP.
Dialling in with GoToResolve interrupts the current RDP session.

If Computer is in a  GoToResolve session a new RDP session will sign out user in the GoToResolve session.

This scenario could be reproduced at any time on all platforms you mentioned ("Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, Windows 8.1 and 8 Enterprise and Pro, Windows 7 Professional, BenefitsCal Enterprise, and Ultimate, and Windows Server versions newer than Windows Server 2008").

Thank you.




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I have to agree, I reported this same issue to goto assist support a few months ago and I was able to demonstrate it to them however they did not have a solution.  


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Status changed to: Investigating

All information was sent to the engineering team to investigate.



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