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Active Contributor

Automatic Note Taking

I have noticed that in the latest release of GoToResolve the notes for the session seem to be automatically created and we now have to manually choose not to create the notes after the first set of notes has been created.


Is there are a setting to disable this, as the notes generated just clog up the reports with information that is not required?  Some of our sessions can last several hours if we are working on server updates and our users enter there own notes at the end of the session.

GoTo Contributor

Re: Automatic Note Taking

Hey @SBrown42 ,


thank you for your feedback.


Currently, there is no way to disable automatic note-taking. However, we are working to improve the solution and we will offer a way to persist your preferred choice, be it through a setting or  remembering your last choice.


Hope this helps, happy to have your feedback.


All the best,