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New Contributor

Resolve - always running and connected to my PC?

So I notice when I installed Resolve, that it immediately ID'd my CPU, and can actually tell me some diagnostics, memory usage, processor load etc.  If I'm not attempting to connect to a client, why is it smart to leave this connection open between the web application and my computer?  And is there a way to temporarily shut it down when I'm not needing it?

GoTo Contributor

Re: Resolve - always running and connected to my PC?

Dear RPEnt,

The Quick View service - that provides system diagnostic - is not using any permanent connection, so there is no network traffic if you don't see the QuickView page. It is activated when you click on the device and see the data. This is simply so fast. 

You can test it by checking the GoToResolve processes. When you click on the Quick View then the CPU and network consumption will go up a little bit. If you close the view then it will go down to 0 within a minute.

The only permanent service is the presence service that shows if your device is online or offline.

Hope it answers your question.

Have a great day,

Robi Tenczer

Director, Product Management