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GoTo Admin Center Access

I have been using GoToAssist for about 5-6 years now at my last 2 companies, but this one is much larger with more users. I am in the process of revamping our setup in terms of device groups and what not, along with upgrading to v5. In doing so, there are a few differences I've noticed. The gentleman I spoke to yesterday with support recommended I bring my questions around to this forum to possibly make some new changes.

I am looking to see if there is the ability to implement user permissions for user groups to restrict users' abilities to make changes for the unattended access. More specifically, I'd like to know if I could create a user group for members of our IT department to be added to, and restrict their access from being able to delete an unattended device from the Device Groups, and so that they cannot rename or delete Device Groups.  All users I would be adding to this User Group are standard users and not admins or super admins.

I am hoping this is possible to do in the near future so I can roll this out with our company cleanup!  Thank you!

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Re: GoTo Admin Center Access

Hi @wj2204, welcome to the community!


With GoToAssist v5 only Admins are able to create and manage device groups. Any user given access to a device group and permission for Unattended Support is able to add and delete computers.


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Re: GoTo Admin Center Access

Thank you for your clear answer.