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User unable to click on anything on the Host Comp...


I have a user that needs to have their permission switched on and off for security reasons.

After sending them a link and connecting to LogMeIn they can access and use the computer as normal. 


Once the session is finished, I revoke their access by going to the removing their permission under the User Tab. The next day, when their session is due to start, I give them permission again, but when they log onto the comp, they can see, but cannot click/interact.

Anyone have an answer to this?

Driving me up the wall.

I CANNOT leave them with permissions granted at all times due to security. I MUST be able to change their permissions daily.

I have tried making sure they are logged out of LogMeIn server when I change permissions, to make sure their isn't an internal Permissions conflict, but the same thing happens.

Thanks in advance for any help.

GoTo Manager

Re: User unable to click on anything on the Host Comp...

Hi @LeProf83,


Can you provide more details about the computer they are accessing? 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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