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Automatically getting/downloading all incidents from Service Desk

I am writing this discussion because our company's current practice for obtaining incident data/information is manually downloading a report configured as such, with an end being a BI visualization. Doing so is time consuming and manual, so we've been tasked with automating this process somehow.


I have tried since to do a GET using Postman and my API Token as the Basic Auth. password to obtain all incidents, but when using mine or someone else's API token, only the incidents that user is associated with will be retrieved by the API. This is not ideal, because what I want are all incidents that exist on our view in SD, not just for one user.


Is there a different URL Path I need to use to include all users' incidents (other than , or is there an API token that allows me to query more than just an individual user? If this API is not adequate to doing this, is there a different method that anyone can recommend that will accomplish the same thing?

GoTo Manager

Re: Automatically getting/downloading all incidents from Service Desk

Hi @ZackS, welcome to the community.


Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a solution for you. I have shared this with our GoTo Resolve team so that it will be considered for GoTo Resolve's ticketing system.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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