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Customer Portal - Visibility of releases

Hi folks, 


Using GoToAssist, We currently have a front facing customer portal in place. The portal is limited in functionality in comparison to our user's platform, which is  definitely something we agree is correct. However there would be some functionality which we believe would be quite handy here. 


As it stands, there currently doesn't seem to be a way to add any further tabs in the customer portal beyond:

- My Incidents

- New Incident

- Messages

- Knowledge (optional)




Would it be possible to add functionality here to allow specific releases to be seen here too? 


I ask, as currently it's possible to link a customer to a release, but there's no way we can see, that a customer can view this release ticket. In an ideal world, the customer logged into the portal would be able to see any release linked to them within the customer portal. 


Currently we're having to duplicate effort where we're sending this information to the customer either through one of the incident tickets attached to the ticket, or through seperate means altogether. This obviously isn't ideal. 


If there's an alternative way we can share release tickets through GoToAssist, by all means let us know.





Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Customer Portal - Visibility of releases

Hi Kelly,
When it comes to Performing Mass Actions on multiple records, the only way to get a reply automatically if the customer is submiting via portal is by commenting on the ticket itself.  I'm afraid only emailing incidents will send an auto reply.  In these cases, we figured that an auto-reply would be redundant based on the already existing portal visibility.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Customer Portal - Visibility of releases

Hey Ash, 


I think you've misunderstood what we're trying to achieve here. Our customers currently don't have any visibility of releases, regardless if they're linked to and/or assigned to them. On our customer portal there's no option to add a category tab for 'releases'. This would be helpful to give customers an overview of release tickets linked to them.


Currently we're having to manually send any information pertinent to them on the release ticket which obviously isn't ideal...


Kind regards,