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Customers Not Populating

We are seeing all of a sudden a problem with customer info populating when a client emails a ticket in. It used to grab the email address and now it is showing the "service" email address. This occurs intermitenlty, with no concrete patterns (customer existing or not existing beforhand, direct TO or CC used, etc).


The first occurance of this appears to be 1/17/19...




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Customers Not Populating

@JustinMerit I am sorry for the inconsistency there.


Is this email address your group uses an alias?  If so, does this alias have any auto-forwarding or other automated behavior assigned it?


Do you also have a screen shot of the area for Configure :  Customer Access ?

New Contributor

Re: Customers Not Populating

@AshC, Thanks for thinking of that.

We checked on on that, as it's been working flawlessly for "ever"... Everything about this is inconsistent, some clients (even existing ones) will fall victim to this. So even those test cases shoudn't "need self registraiton".

These settings have not changed.


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Customers Not Populating

@JustinMerit  Have you done anything on your side to troubleshoot the problem, like altering the email delivery address? 


If this is still sporadic in response, I would call directly into support so that we may document the times of failure.  It is possible there's a delivery problem on our end.

New Contributor

Re: Customers Not Populating

@AshC, I actually did just that yesterday as well. There is an open support case with all this information. They noted that they see this as unexpected behavior and are looking into it.