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Active Contributor

External Watchlist notifications

Can someone advise the correct process for stopping those on the external watchlist receiving incident ticket comment notifications which are only meant for our internal technicians.  We thought we were following the correct method have have some evidence this had worked before but have found an anomaly.


Previously used process:

1. Insert comment and tick 'hidden comment'

2. Untick Customer but keep Watchlist ticked then Save


However... in a ticket which was in Resolved & Closed status, one of our internal technicians added a hidden comment as above but people on the external watchlist received a notification e-mail.


I'd be grateful for clarification.


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: External Watchlist notifications


It is possible to add external emails to the watchlist-- which, could cause some awkward situations if Users aren't careful with their Comments.  There should be some sort of Internal vs. External Watchlist separation on which fields are sent in the notifications, but these are lacking at the moment.