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Group by: Service

Hi all, 


It's long been an issue for us that, although we're able to group by several options, we're unable to group by service. 


Is there any way this could be implemented? It would help us a great deal as we have to work with several customers that regularly log tickets with us. These are the options we have thus far:




I'd be keen to hear your thoughts here,



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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Group by: Service

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for this valuable suggestion! 


While this may not be possible at the moment to group by Service, it may be easier to view the data points at a glance if you create a Dashboard Queue.

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Re: Group by: Service

Thank you for your response Ash. 


We have customers from over 20 services using our support system, so having 20 seperate dashboard queues isn't feasible. We use a large amount of custom queues, but that doesn't remove the need to have this filter option. 


'Can I filter by service?' is one of the first questions we get from our users, so for us it would be a definite improvement of your platform. 


Are there any plans in place to implement this in the near future?





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Re: Group by: Service

While I do not see this feature currently on the road map, I do agree that is would be a great improvement idea.