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Incident Activity log

To be able to create the kind of reports and data we want, we export data from GTA and import it into a SQL Database once a week.  However, there is still some custom reports we would like to create, but can't seem to get to the data.  

There is allot of good Audit Trail History Data in the Activity Log of each incident.  For Example: each time the SLA clock is stopped a record of that is tracked in the Activity Log.  The problem is, that data is not accessible for exports or reports.  In my opinion, it's very valuable information that I would like to be able to extract, and use in our KPI's.  

My idea would be to allow the option to be able to extract that data via the report exports.  

If this option already exists, PLEASE explain to me how to do this.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Incident Activity log

Hi Jan! 

The report with the highest level of detail available will be the Activity Report. The Activity Report unfortunately does not have triggered actions, clock stop stamps, etc - but to make sure you are getting the most data available during export, please follow these steps: 

Click on Service Desk >> Reports
Choose Activity Report 
Enter Date Range 
Check off Incidents 
Just below the results, you can select "All of the above" 
Check mark all applicable boxes in the next screen. 
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Re: Incident Activity log

In addition, I will submit a feature request on your behalf to allow for more detailed exports to include triggered actions and clock stops.