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New Contributor

More "Group By" sorting options on Dashboard

Currently, the "Group By" feature on the Incident Dashboard is limited to 8 default options, and that's the only way you can re-order the view of incidents.

However, the Customize Columns section offers all sorts of additional columns to display - yet you can't "Group By" the majority of them!

For instance, I can add a column for "Type" so I can see at a glance what types of issues are coming up. But I can't "Group By" Type.

Seems like the simplest solution would be to allow users to click directly on any column heading to sort by that column. So to sort by Priority, I click on the Priority column heading. If I want to sort by Type, I could add a column for Type and then click on the Type column heading. 

Thanks for considering,
Active Contributor

Re: More "Group By" sorting options on Dashboard

I agree.   We create services for the various types of issues that arise so we can customize the fields for each.   My incident dashboard may have anywhere from 10-50+ tickets listed. On my incident dashboard I added the "service" column.  it would be so much easier if I could sort by the service column and complete all tickets service by service based on the SLA.   currently I have to change from "global view" to select the specific service.  This is ok but then I have to create my desired dashboard layout for each service which is extremely time consuming.