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New Contributor

Service Desk Support

Hi i don't know if this really matter at this point, I have made two appointments with the support people at service desk and guess what no one ever gets back to me. Why do you set up the appointments if you know you will not show up. I am so aggravated at this point. Why can no one keep their appointment with your customer. dose any one have a number or email to someone who will actually help or are we just at the mercy of people who don't care about helping?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Service Desk Support

@dyanchuk  Sorry for any confusion.  Exactly what kind of 'appointment' were you referencing?  Typically our customers call directly into Support when there is a problem, where they are given a case number for future reference if the problem remains unresolved.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Service Desk Support

@dyanchuk  It looks like there is a case started in your name, and a support representative will follow up very soon.  Thanks for your patience.