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Slow Email

All the new GUI stuff is nice but it is polish on a car with square wheels.  We still run incident delivery email in parallel with Support Desk because it is not reliable to deliver incidence emails on time.  The "up to 15 minute" SLA is poor and sometimes they do not get delivered for 30 minutes or more.  We are still looking to move off the service because of this yet you keep rolling out new GUI stuff and not fixing the underlying service performance.  We get email delivery for every service we have in less than 30 seconds yet for a service that is critical for providing support to our customers it is unreliable.
Active Contributor

Re: Slow Email

Hi Forrest

I'm not suggesting there's no a problem, clearly there for you however, my emails come in swiftly.

I have a single customer facing email address my clients use to submit tickets. They are handled by gmail, which forward them on to the relevant gotoassist service email address depending on the clients domain.

Are you using the gotoassist email address, or are you using a 3rd party email service to forward your emails on to the service desk? 
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Re: Slow Email

Both and forward from another dedicated service on exchange.  The gotoassist team has acknowledged there are delivery problems when it happens.  Been a year now and not fixed.  They say they are working on it.  Not quite up to enterprise SLA yet sold as a Citrix enterprise solution.  We have to deliver copies of incoming tickets to our staff by separate email because we can't assume we will get emails from the service timely.  A real pain.  As you can tell I'm bugged with the roll out of the GUI glitz but no fix to the core service delivery which is painful.  I think they scaled too quickly and could not handle the load.