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User not receiving email after created case anymore.


In some moment our users stopped to receive an automated mail when a case is created.

"" is the sender in Settings - no one receives anything from that adress (It cannot be found under Services nor Users)
When the case is created and if an update(Comment) are made into the case, the system sends automatically out an automated message from an another mail " only when comment added.

I've tried to see if "It-Operations"-account have something special specified to make this update but no.

Tried to workaround this by adding a Trigger that adds an comment after a case is created - but that doesnt either help to send away an email, since the user is written as "Trigger" who put the comment.


Is it simple as that the user/service for "Mailer" has to be re-created and that it sends out the mail when a case is registered.

Been through all Admin settings in Service-Desk but not much more than:

These are right and correct configured, this is activated too:
" Send auto-response when customer raises an incident via email"
What can we look into more or where is a setting missing?
Or, how to Troubleshoot this "" account?
Kind Regards
Nico Välimäki
Our license went out in December - and got re-activated and after that we recognized these messages were gone - what are we missing?

When a case is created, and an COMMENT added to it, a mail is instantly sent out telling that the case got an update, but never a mail about it being created.
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Re: User not receiving email after created case anymore.

Hi @ITBabsan,


There are a couple of things to clarify in order to properly address your question. 

First, are users not getting a notification when a customer submits the email, or is the User creating an incident as a test and not receiving a notication based on that creation?  If the User is the one creating it, Service Desk assumes that they are already aware and do not need an emailed notification.  


If it is not triggering based on customer's submission, then we will need to know more information.  I would ask that you send me a private message through the communty (click on my name to get to my profile and send me a message) that includes #1 who is creating the Incident in this inquiry (name/email) and #2 who should be getting a response and is not (name/email).  We can check internally if the emails are being bounced back to us from an email filter, we can check internal reporting systems to ensure they're being sent out, etc.  I just would not want you posting live email addresses onto the public site, for their own protection.



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Re: User not receiving email after created case anymore.

Thank you ! 
I sent you a pm!