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New Contributor

templates for hardware


I would like to ask if it is possible to copy a hardware item including all the additional items so it can be used as an template for a new item

For example: I have already created a CI for a certain make and type laptop and I just bought a new one which only will be different in serialnumber and name.
I don't want to have all the hassle with creating this Ci from scratch while I have an identical item already entered in my CI's

Hope you can help me out
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: templates for hardware

Hi Debbie,

At the moment you can't create templates for CIs, the closest you can get is to create a bunch of attributes that apply to certain type (more details here:

We'll be rolling out Templates over the next few months for the other record types, starting with Incidents, and then probably Problem, Change and Release. Creating Templates for CIs is definitely an interesting idea we'll take into consideration 🙂