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Attending meetings from mobile devices

Hi Glenn,


I'm new to GoToMeeting and am having troubles with two things:

1) I can't seem to find where to post new threads in the Community. Why is this?

2) I'm noticing some limitations with the phone and tablet apps. My participants are telling me that, when we have more than 6 attendees, they can't see everyone. I certainy understand that the app can't fit an unlimited number of speakers on the screen at one time, but I don't understand why they wouldn't be able to either scroll through the video feeds or at least choose to see the current speaker. It makes it hard to have team meetings when only some people can see everyone.


I'm hoping you might be able to be of some help on this. Thanks!




GoTo Manager

Re: Attending meetings from mobile devices

Hi @smatlick 


You can post a new topic by clicking on the blue Start a Topic button on the main GoToMeeting Discussion page

In regards to the webcam view in our mobile apps currently, they do not support showing all of the webcams.


On iOS, you can tap the webcam icon to see the options available. With Talking mode, only the webcam of the panelists who are currently speaking will be shown at the bottom of your screen. On Android, it defaults to Talking mode.



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Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Attending meetings from mobile devices

Finding the New Topic button.


Near the top of the page, right over the text message you sent, you see this in blue:


LogMeIn Community > GoToMeeting > GoToMeeting Discussions > Attending meetings from mobile devices


Click on "GoToMeeting Discussions"

On that new page you should see the "Start a topic" button.


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Re: Attending meetings from mobile devices

Thanks @GlennD  and @Chris Droessler. For some reason I wasn't seeing that button there when I posted.


I'll check out Talking Mode for myself when I can. It would be great to be able to cycle through feeds the same way you can on desktop. It's limiting for those who don't have a webcam for their computer.


Much appreciated.