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Bug: Camera is switching


first some information: I am using a live-system, which boots from DVD. This way I always have the same software and configuration. Since 2 weeks I get some strange behaviour in Goto-Meeting. Since my configuration and software is the same, the problem is on your side. Actually this is the only reason I use a live-system. To be able to create an identical environment for your meetings.

Here is the problem:

I access a GoTo-Meeting with Google Chrome in Debian using a url like this

I select my microphone and enter a "waiting room". I select my camera and can see my camera. So everything is working fine.

I enter the meeting and suddenly the camera is switched. I have a bad internal cam and a great HD cam. I want to use the HD cam, which was selected in the waiting room. So in every meeting I have to switch the camera in the meeting.

This should be fixed. It's really annoying.

BTW: We are paying for GoTo, but your customer support is totally worthless, so better avoid it. He can only show you the urls to your faq.


Another minor problem: My camera image looks a little bit stretched, which is also a new "feature".


Edit: My cameras are:

- Internal camera from the laptop

- Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Bug: Camera is switching

@BugReporter  I apologize for the change in behavior there.  We are actively working on establishing a Settings area for the new GoTo experience.  Once this is in place you should be able to permanently select your preferred webcam and microphone inputs. 

New Contributor

Re: Bug: Camera is switching

OK. Problem still persists.


Workarounds (if you have 2 webcams):

- In the waiting-room: Switch from the working camera to the other one and back again. The current webcam stays selected in the meeting.

- In the meeting, go to settings and change the camera back to the selected camera from the waiting-room.


I explained this issue to my colleges and my boss in the meeting this morning.


I'll mark a solution as soon as you fix the problem.