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GoToMeeting Pro subscription without credit/debit card?

Good evening,


me and my company would like to purchase a GoToMeeting Pro subscription.

I have already tried out the freeware version and have, therefore, been able to register my prefered mode of payment - SEPA, debit entry.

However, when I wanted to switch to the GoToMeeting Pro subscription, I was asked to log in with a debit or credit card. I am asked to fill in my card number, the expiry dater and CVN code. Unfortunately, my company does not have such cards.

Is there another way of subscribing to GoToMeeting? We would be happy to do so and pay with SEPA debit entry, but can't log in in the first place.

Can you please help us?


Thank you in advance! 

GoTo Manager

Re: GoToMeeting Pro subscription without credit/debit card?

@Vroni  If you can't pay for a subscription via credit card online, you may also request another form of payment if you meet the corporate requirements  Please feel free to apply here: 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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