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New Contributor

How to share a screen on a Chromebook

I just attended a meeting where they allowed me to share my screen, but it does not work on a Chromebook.

There is supposed to be an extension but I cannot find it.

GoTo Moderator

Re: How to share a screen on a Chromebook

@Vemo  While we don't have a native app specifically for the Chromebook, you can try the Android Mobile app or the webapp in your Chrome browser: 

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New Contributor

Re: How to share a screen on a Chromebook

Thank you for the reply.

I've tried the webapp and it does have an option to share screen but when selected it goes into a continuous death loop flicking between windows.

I'll try the Android app but I don't think it has a share screen option.

This really limits the use of GoToMeeting if you have people joining on a Chromebook (not uncommon)