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Playing/Sharing a Youtube Video during meeting

Hi everyone!

We are currently using GoToMeeting Business in our environment. We frequently host meetings where the presenter needs to play a video which can be seen by the meeting attendees. The vast majority of these videos are from Youtube, although on occasion the presenter may play a .mp4 video file. The issue we run into here is while the video and audio play normally on the presenter's device, the attendees report poor video and audio quality (the video is choppy and the audio is delayed). Is there a way in G2M for the presenter to play a video without the attendees experiencing poor audio/video quality? 

I think what we are looking for is an embedded video player but I can't seem to find this option in the G2M desktop app for Mac.  

Thank you very much for your help! 


GoTo Moderator

Re: Playing/Sharing a Youtube Video during meeting

Hi @vwllc23 welcome to the GoTo Community. This article outlines sharing requirements. When asked to share and choose your screen, ensure Optimize for Video is checked. I just tested this on my Mac and it makes a big difference in the video quality.  


Screenshot 2023-02-02 141247.jpg

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Re: Playing/Sharing a Youtube Video during meeting

Thank you! We will give this a try and report back if we still continue to have the issue. Thanks again!