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New Contributor

Purpose of the Login Email Address

I am a potential new customer.


What I would like to know is - does the email address that is used to log into your GoToMeeting account need to be monitored?  In other words, does GoToMeeting comunicate with you through the email address?


I would like to create a dummy email address (a no-reply email address if you wish, or an alias) for use with the product.  Is this possible?




GoTo Manager

Re: Purpose of the Login Email Address

Hi Geoff,

While GoToMeeting doesn't do much emailing to attendees, the service does have a security check whenever a new device/location is seen, in order to confirm that the Organizer account has not been hacked in any way.  Beyond that, we don't really comunicate, save for the occasional weblog or marketing emails.  It is important that you use a real email address in case of any problems. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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