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Jürg Schärer
New Contributor

System slows dramatically down during GoTo Meetings

Notebook Dell Latitude 7370 - Model 2016 running under Windows 10 latest Release and updates.

My entire system becomes enormously slow when sharing my screen in a GoTo Meeting.
All aspects slow down (reaction time to clicks, mouse clicks, typing on keyboard etc.).
It feels from a user perspective as my system ressources are completely stretched.

Thanks for helping me. Any idea of the reason? No other resource issue with my system, only when being active in the GoTo meeting.

John Federico
New Contributor

I'm having the same problem.  Windows 10 Pro.  Dell 5491  Core i7 16GB Ram, SSD.

GoTo Moderator

@John Federico  Sorry about that.  What have you done to troubleshoot so far?  Have you tested the same PC from a different network?  Are you wireless currently?

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

I have exactly the same problem. I use a Dell Precision 5520 with 32GB RAM and Win10 1803. All VMs running in Hyper-V get extremely slow. It is quite embarrasing to do my Demos this way. If GTM is not active everything works fine.

New Contributor

Was there ever a resolution to the "slow system" problem when using GTMeeting?  I've had our company Tech support people in my laptop for a couple hours looking for a cause.  All seems to be working fine.  Task Mgr shows that the screen is using more than normal resources, but that just means its something that GTM is doing, cuz it doesnt do that in any other circumstance.  We have eliminated every other possible cause.  So, clearly something in GTM programming is slowing down the system.  Any solution?  Or are we just out of luck and need to go to another platform?  Doesnt happen when using MS Teams or similar.  Thank you.

GoTo Manager

Hi @PeterFree, welcome to the community.


A few questions:

  • What are the specs of your PC?
  • Which version of GoToMeeting are you using, the Classic v10 or the new GoTo App?   
  • Have you checked for video driver updates since your Task Manager is implying that video is where the issue is happening?


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

We have the same problems with older XPS13 laptops from Dell.


Now we bought a new one (XPS13 9315) with 16GB main memory and again have huge problems
when running the new Goto app.
Windows and all drivers are up to date.
If we don't solve this problem we have to move to another meeting platform as all our sales people
need stable online meeting apps.

So is there any solution for this?

As all works with other tools like (Teams/Zoom) this can only be a problem of GotoMeeting.

Kind regards, 

Thomas Gebert
Alysium-Tech Gmbh
IT Admin

Active Contributor

as far as we can tell at our shop this is a common issue with the new GTM app. If you are are not running the new upgraded GTM app your mileage may vary. But in our testing our HP Elitebooks running 16mg of ram and Intel i5s bog down terribly with the new GTM app. Still some beta work to clean up there I think.